Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here is our process to ensure your satisfaction:

1. Clearly Stated Expectations

While a Blue Team Home Service’s cleaning speaks for itself, we’re happy to report—our customers are quick to speak on our behalf as well! With a 5-Star reputation throughout the suburbs of Contra Costa County, Blue Team Home Services will always begin by clearly articulating your expectations as they are understood. This way, we will be able to concentrate on your specific needs and deliver complete solutions.

2. Cleaning Technician Post-inspection

Any thorough cleaning should have an attendant post-inspection. Blue Team Home Services’ cleaning technician post-inspection isn’t done in lieu of a solid, top to bottom cleaning—it’s done to supplement it so that we’re quite certain everything is as clean as can be. After all, if a checklist is essential to the work of pilots and surgeons, who are we to omit it from the cleaning process?

 3. Follow-up Call / E-mail

Life moves fast. Blue Team Home Service appreciates how busy your day-to-day is and we want to ensure you’re as pleased with your cleaning as you should be. Simply let us know which mode of communication you prefer, a phone call or an email, and we will follow up to get your thoughts on your scheduled service. 

4. No Charge Service Call

When we discuss the scope of your cleaning job, we will provide a free quote. This quote will be accurate and you will not receive any additional surcharges or service call fees. All work that you have performed by Blue Team is backed by our simple service promise. It’s not clean until YOU say it’s clean. Guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with any service that Blue Team Home Services provides, we’ll refund your money in full. No arguments and no hassle.  

Schedule Service Online

Receive a free estimate and schedule your cleaning service online today. A Blue Team representative will contact you promptly, usually within the next business day.

Prefer to Call?

We know it`s helpful to have someone to talk to directly. If you have questions or prefer to schedule your estimate via the phone, please call!

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